Goodbye Twingo…

Many a hot summers day climbing in and out of the back of that damn car I have cursed it bitterly and lamented the fact of its very existence.

But now it has gone back to its home city of Bologna, and I can see it through rosy tinted specs…I almost miss it.  It feels like saying goodbye to an old friend.  A rather stinky, unreliable friend, but one that has been through the last 5 years with us nonetheless:

It carried us from our wedding, to the births of both our children, ferried countless volunteers and dead/injured turtles to and from various beaches of Kefalonia and carried us back and forth to Italy laden with bags and various goodies. We even managed 3 people, a dog + a pram plus bags for 4 winter months on one trip!

Buon Viaggio Twingo!