A Bolognese Winter


So we’re staying in Italy, for a few months at least.  We’re staying with Manu’s family in a house on the hills outside Bologna.  Currently we are 7 people (3 adults, 4 kids plus a dog) here, after Christmas Manu’s other brother and sister are planning to move in here as well (at least the “adults” won’t be outnumbered anymore)!  Luckily there’s plenty of room…

Home, for now

Dina, our most destructive housemate

Giulia and Sofia have started going to school / nursery respectively and they like it, even if they have to wake up earlier than they are used to!  Sofia practically runs in when they open the door saying “Bye mummy” and although Giulia is always more cautious, she seems to like hers too – she was quite disappointed to learn that on Saturday and Sunday school is closed!

Ready for school

Sofia’s nursery

Their schools are in Sasso Marconi, a town on the outskirts of Bologna.  The drive to school is along quiet back roads through the very picturesque Bolognese hills (Colli Bolognesi), although it also requires us to cross this bridge, a somewhat interesting daily experience.

Colli Bolognesi

Go straight…don’t look down

And here’s some more assorted photos….