Learning to swim

The time has come for Giulia and Sofia to learn swimming.

Underwater somersaults from Manuel Coleman on Vimeo.

Giulia and Sofia having fun in the sea

We started going to the beach early, in April and May we were already testing the waters, which were pretty cold then.

One day out of the blue Giulia decided that she could put her head in and swim. And off she went.

Sofia took a little bit longer, but not much. In June they went 3 times a week for a kids swimming course to the pool in Chania. And one afternoon Sofia realized she could put her head in water and she’d float and swim, and she hasn’t stopped since.

Now we go for little swims around the bay together. Sometimes they take their inflatable floats and sometimes their kicking boards. Giulia is learning to swim without aid and she’s not afraid of the depth, and she’s learning to take breaths while she swims. Sofia is still wary when she’s out of her depth, but she’ll give it a go.

Their favourite game at the moment though is going vertical upside down, and Sofia loves underwater somersaults!

I am trying to master monofin swimming, and getting more and more flexible. Also at the age of 38, a couple of weeks ago I got equalizing at last, so I have started free diving.

Fiona, well, the water is so warm here that even she goes swimming at times, and mostly without girlie screaming!

A couple of months ago I saw a turtle in Viglia and got very excited. Got an underwater camera, and I haven’t seen any since!