Around Ancient Falasarna

Today we went for a little walk around ancient Falasarna. Giugiu has learned to say automatically ‘I want to go to ancient Falasarna’ every time we say we’re going to Falasarna. So today that’s what we did.

Looking West from above ancient Falasarna

Looking West from above ancient Falasarna

The archaeological site was closed, but we’d seen it before. We took the path that goes past the site towards Balos. After some reckoning, we tried to go up and reach a small chapel on the side of the hill. Half way up we were surrounded by goats. We couldn’t see a clear path and the slope increased, so we decided to spare Sofia and Giugiu the climb and go back down.

Antikythira was clearly visible and the day was beautiful. We trekked over big rocks to reach an opening in the coastline. No easy access to the sea as I’d hoped, but a nice little cave just on sea level.

We went back to the car with some good pictures.

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