Wedding anniversary: a hike on Mt. Aenos

On our wedding anniversary we wanted to go for a hike on

Forest frame

the top of Mt. Aenos, and find the famous bat-caves. It should have been a long drive then a long walk. We had almost arrived at the top of the paved road, when Fiona realized she had forgotten to put shoeson! It was too late to turn back, she had to walk in flip-flops. We got to the top easily, a 20 minute walk from the road. Then we tried to follow the beginning of the path that goes to the caves, we thought we had it but the signs were confusing, we got lost, found it again, went that way then turned back. A fun walk in any case, clouds started coming up on the steep South side of the mountain, to be met by rising air from the opposite North side. The view was affected, but it didn’t matter because the effect was very cool, a vertical, spiral rise of thin clouds as though they hit against an invisible wall over the mountain ridge, blue sky as the background.

Over the rocky top